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Metal Mica Letters
Make your signs look their best with sleek metal mica laminate on 1” thick foam letters.

CARMAC® “Design-a-Sign” Sintra/Outdoor Signs
CARMAC “Design-a-Sign” Sintra/Outdoor Signs.

CARMAC® Overhead/Wall Standard Plexiglass Signs
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

CARMAC® Overhead/Wall Standard Sintra/Outdoor Signs
All material features smooth edges, and are available in a variety of colours.

Free Standing Letters
Direct patrons to your feature displays with these individual foam letters.

Gatorfoam® Letters – Create Visual Excitement in Your Library!
Easy-to-use, sturdy, premium Gatorfoam® letters are lightweight and durable.

Gatorfoam® Overhead and Wall Signage
Gatorfoam® Signage is very versatile and gives a modern, third dimensional look to your library.

GHENT Outdoor Enclosed Letter Boards
Your announcement or listing will stay secure behind shatter-resistant hinged doors that come equipped with disc tumbler locks.

Hamilton Buhl BuhlFX Digital Signage Kit
The BuhlFX Digital Signage Kit makes having digital signage a reality at any school, or library, by being highly affordable, easily installed and easily managed.

Hamilton Buhl FlashSign
FlashSign is the latest All-In-One Digital Signage Solution built specifically to make it as easy as possible to take full advantage of the flexibility of this powerful medium.

LED Scrolling Message Sign
Bright LED 3 colour sign attracts customers attention, can communicate with up to 99 different messages and can be seen from up to 100 feet away.

Motion Message Display
Easy to program multi-colour message board can be changed as often as you like.

Roll A-Frame™ Sidewalk Signs
—Double-sided changeable sidewalk sign.

Sintra® Overhead and Wall Signage
Sintra® Signage will quickly guide patrons through your library.

The Rocker™ All Weather Signs
—A cost effective way to advertise at your library.

Tip’n Roll® Letterboard Signs
This rolling, double-sided sidewalk sign displays up to 7 lines of copy per side and is easily moved from place to place.

Tip’n Roll® Wet Erase Signs
Bold, colourful messages can be quickly updated and changed with this 2-sided write-on board.

Universal Mounting Kits
Wall Kits Includes: 4 Robertson head screws for mounting.