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CARR McLEAN - Duroslate Chalkboards

Duroslate Chalkboards
A special carborundum slating is applied to a hardboard backing to create a uniform textured surface that produces sharp images and erases easily. For best results, be sure to "chalk-in" the boards before the first usage and after every subsequent cleaning. Comes complete with full length chalk tray. 10 Year Warranty.
  • Colour: Green.
Cat. #DescriptionStock LbsEachQT
46-546Chalkboard 3' X 5' -Green5 Wks27.0$173.00
46-547Chalkboard 4' X 4' - Green5 Wks29.0$173.00
46-548Chalkboard 4' X 5' - Green5 Wks35.0$184.00
46-549Chalkboard 4' X 6' - Green5 Wks42.0$210.00
46-550Chalkboard 4' X 8' - Green5 Wks56.0$273.00