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3M Masking Tape
Low cost all purpose masking tape is ideal for packaging, bundling and many other applications.

3M Scotch™ Removable Magic™ Tape
Premium quality removable tape won’t ruin your originals and gives a temporary hold.

3M Scotch® High Performance Transparent Duct Tape
This high performance duct tape is transparent when applied, making repairs less obvious.

3M Wallsaver Removable Poster Tape
Mount posters and other lightweight items to walls or other surfaces.

Adhesive Transfer Tape and Gun
Adhesive Transfer Gun Dispenser gun applies 1/2" or 3/4" pressure sensitive double-sided adhesive.

Archival Mount Corners
Crystal Clear Archival Mounting Corners provide safe mounting of photographs, postcards, ephemera, clippings, letters or prints.

Archival Polyester & Traditional Mounting Corner Stickers
Archival Polyester Corners Stickers with acrylic adhesive ends, ideal for holding items in place without risk of contamination.

CARMAC® Double-Coated Foam Tape
Long-aging adhesive on both sides provides firm adhesion to all clean, dry, rough or smooth surfaces.

Clear Magic™ Tape – Made from Renewable Resources, 53% Plant Based Adhesive
High performance and value is what the Scotch® Clear Magic™ Tape features.

Double-Coated Tape
Many uses, including mounting of Carr McLean Engraved Plastic Labels.

Filmoplast® SH Linen Tape
A superior quality, fine thread heavyweight white linen cloth tape that is extremely flexible.

Frame Sealing Tape – Self Adhesive
Frame Sealing Tape seals off raw wood rabbets and fillets to protect the art and stop acid migration.

Gudy 870
A pH neutral transfer adhesive that can be applied to any smooth surface rendering it self-adhesive.

Linen Tape Ungummed
Unbleached and unsized for hinging, sewing and tying.

Mounting Hinging Tissue
This pressure sensitive, Mounting/Hinging Tissue is a fine, long fibre tissue with an archival quality, pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive that is permanent and non-yellowing.

Mounting Strips - See Thru
Use these Mounting Strips for safe, hingeless mounting of artwork to mats.

Museum Mounting Kit
Everything you need to mount graphics and original art using wheat starch and paper hinges.

Photo & Document Mending Tape
Ideal for framing, book repair, and mending fine documents and photographs.

Photo/Document Mounting Tape
This long lasting, photo-safe, acid-free tape permanently bonds most paper.

Scotch® Acid-Free Double Stick Adhesive Pen
Acid-free adhesive is neat, clean, and archival.

Tyvek® Super Hinge Tape
Used for repairing books, hinging mats, binding folder spines and much more.

Unbleached Cotton Tying Tape
A flat tape for tying books with loose or warped boards, and for other uses.

White Artist’s Paper Tape
White Artists Tape with acid-free adhesive is excellent for flapping, hinging, holding boards to tables, corrections, silhouetting, mounting and more.