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3M Command Picture Hanging Strips
Put-up and take-down pictures often, as needed.

Alpharag Artcare Microchamber®
All Artcare products are manufactured by Nielsen & Bainbridge using MicroChamber technology.

Beva 371 Film
Transparent, ideal for relining dark canvas with Mylar.

Dry Mounting Tissue
High quality, paper based tissue coated on both sides with adhesive that bonds as it is heated.

E-Z-Up Clips
So easy to put up.

Logan Mat Cutters - SimplexPlus Mat Cutter
The amazing SimplexPlus Mat Cutter far exceeds what an average artist’s 40" mat cutter should be.

Masterpiece® Dry Mounting Presses
Expression™ presses are simple to operate when you are dry mounting, laminating or backing prints, posters, maps, charts, any item which you would like to protect and preserve.

Silicone Release Paper – Double-sided silicone coated
Place double-sided silicone coated release paper on top or underneath exposed adhesive to prevent the adhesive from transferring to heated platen of vacuum or dry mount press.