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CARR McLEAN - Aluminum Stepladders

Aluminum Stepladders
Deeply serrated steps are slip resistant and extra heavy-duty slip resistant vinyl feet provide increased stability and security.
  • Pail shelf for holding tools and accessories
  • Large moulded ladder top with tool slots
  • Double angle bracing on bottom step
  • Full “U” channel 3” serrated steps
Cat. #DescriptionStock EachQT
83-063Aluminum Stepladder 72" X 21-3/4" X 43-1/2"Call$159.00
83-626Aluminum Stepladder 48" X 17-7/8" X 28-1/2"Call$115.00
83-627Aluminum Stepladder 72" X 20-1/8" X 39-1/2"Call$135.00
83-628Aluminum Stepladder 96" X 23-1/8" X 51"Call$190.00
83-629Aluminum Stepladder 48" X 18-3/4" X 30-3/4"Call$120.00
83-631Aluminum Stepladder 96" X 24-3/4" X 55"Call$220.00